You have a goal. Whether it’s brand awareness, increased sales, greater customer interaction, or something else entirely, Lightning Rod Events will bring your vision to life in striking fashion.

It might be a local function or a destination event. It might last a few hours or go on for days. Either way it will leave a lasting impression. And whatever your event calls for, our team will plan, coordinate, and synchronize every detail – from gourmet catering and specialized décor, to music and lighting, to actors and props, to gifts and activities – and that’s just a start.


The steps

We use the same simple process for each project – it’s a proven way to make sure we understand and carry through your vision completely.

  1. Exploration: We start by sitting down with you for an hour to discuss your goals. After this initial meeting, we go to work, conducting our own research on your industry and competitors, as well as brainstorming and validating event ideas.

  2. Strategic Development: Next, we develop – and present for your approval – a creative brief that spells out critical details, including a confirmation of your objectives, key dates and specifications, as well as a preliminary event plan.

  3. Plan of Action Development: With an approved strategy, timeline, and budget, we set your event into motion, securing venues and catering, ordering decorations and gifts, brainstorming ideas and managing vendor partnerships, staffing, launching social media campaigns, creating press releases, and more.

  4. Execution: This is when the lightning strikes – detailed planning and focused, on-the-spot execution deliver an energetic, unforgettable event.

  5. Measurement: After your event’s conclusion, we examine its success using a number of metrics, including cost per touch, social media traction, media exposure, and survey results.

Optimally, we have two months to plan, prepare, and execute a top-shelf occasion – but with determination and focus, we can put together fantastic events with much tighter timelines.