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Did you know that Event Planning/PR is one of the most stressful jobs in America? According to a CNBC article that I read recently, my profession (Event Coordinating) ranks as the 5th most stressful job in the country!!! It’s pretty crazy to think that Experiential Marketing gurus are right up there with News Broadcasters, Reporters and Police Officers when it comes to stress - but I can definitely see why. We’re on the “front lines” of bringing a Brand’s vision to life; and we’re constantly thinking quickly on our feet while keeping our cool when breaking news happens. Granted we’re not saving lives, but we are keeping Brands alive - one event at a time!

(Hey Rod? Is that your face on a penguin?)

We plan, coordinate and execute the beginning, middle and end of unique event experiences - and on event-day, quite literally EVERYTHING is on our shoulders! (Have you seen some of our activations or setups?!?) From event staffing, to logistics, to running interference when challenges arise, we execute flawlessly - all while making sure that each of our clients, guests, and sponsors have a worry-free, awesomely enjoyable, one-of-a-kind, lux experience!

So why have I been in Event Planning for more than 25 years? Is it that I just like stress? Well, to an extent – yes I do! But what I REALLY LOVE… is helping clients bring their vison to life! There’s nothing better than taking an idea from inception - to creating & executing that extra-special WOW moment for our clients when a great event truly comes together. And creating the WOW is exactly where Lightning Rod Events excels!

(Cool!...So that IS your face on a penguin?)

At LRE, we call it “Rod Vision” – and it’s the catalyst for each stellar experience we create. I call it my gift of sight – that very special moment when after meeting with a client, I can see the beauty of an event unfold. I’ve been told that it’s the twinkle in my eye, and the smile on my face right before I strategically break down a new event from to start to finish, zero in on key event touchpoints, and identify opportunities to maximize the client and the consumer experience.

So you want to know how we at LRE Deliver Amazing events?

(Rod? Why is your face on a penguin?)

Welcome to Stoked!

If you’ve ever wondered to yourself, “How did they pull off that event?” Or “Is my “crazy” event idea even possible?”, welcome to STOKED! I’ve always wanted to pull back the curtain, and give you a sneak peek / backstage preview into the vivid world of Lightning Rod Events – which is why I’m happy to share with you our new blog! Stoked is our platform to share with you, what we’re...well, stoked about at LRE!

Our perspective on the ins, outs, and trends in Experiential Event-making, some of our greatest client experiences, the creative approach behind our thinking & planning, and just for fun - reveal some of our most creative (and wildest!) event ideas for how LRE could turn your sponsorship into a buzz worthy event!



(... penguins?)

Of course! Dancing Penguins!

I’d be Stoked to dance with penguins! Wouldn’t you?!? Think it’s impossible? Recently, right here in my hometown of Dallas, TX - the Dallas Zoo featured an awesome penguin exhibit with some of the most entertaining penguins! I wondered, how could LRE Deliver an Amazing event highlighting these charismatic characters dressed for a lux night out?

We’d have you grab your tux and put on your dancing shoes and let these penguins see you bust a move during the ultimate - “So you think you can dance like a Penguin” Contest! Picture it – zoo members, zoo sponsors, local celebrities, DJ’s, social media influencers, the mayor of Dallas – and You - all showing off your best penguin moves!

Themed prizes, engaging games, a Zoo Dance Troupe, penguin tuxedo shirts, penguin ties & shades, the best penguin food (okay, human food), selfies with penguins, animated GIF’s for guests to shoot and share videos of a once-in-a-lifetime experience, showcased local ballroom dance clubs leading the moves, plus the LRE stress-free guarantee – now that’s what I call AMAZING!

So, now are you ready to Dance Like a Penguin with me?

(Absolutely! I love dancing penguins!)

For sure!

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Roderick Stoker